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Guiding Substance Abuse Recovery and Mental Health Recovery in the Tucson Community

Welcome to In Balance Counseling!  For over 25 years, In Balance Counseling has been the premier treatment provider for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health challenges in Southern Arizona.  In Balance is dedicated to providing comprehensive and exceptional interactive services for persons struggling with moderate to severe substance and alcohol use disorders, as well as individuals seeking counseling services to address other mental and behavioral health struggles.

Substance Abuse Recovery

Reflective of our name, In Balance embodies our program’s desire and ability to fully integrate balance in the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of each client. Our Intensive Outpatient Program and individual counseling services provide a safe place for people to evaluate their past and present choices in order for them to explore new ways of behaving, feeling, and expressing themselves.

Our programs support the contemplation of a new lifestyle that enhances self-esteem, values honesty, and encourages direct communication. During treatment, clients experience the importance of incorporating each dimension of four essential elements needed in order for life to remain In Balance.

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The Four Elements of Recovery

Our team of mental health professionals focuses on helping clients bring the following four aspects of life into balance: the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. Each of these tenets is essential in addressing behavioral and mental health challenges as well as in substance abuse recovery.

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Being in touch with your body is an important part of any healing process. Mental and behavioral health struggles, especially substance abuse, can severely damage one’s physical health.  Often, the physical component of one’s health is neglected while in the midst of crisis or active use.  Regaining one’s health and improving physical activity is paramount to sustained success in recovery—whether it be from substance abuse or other challenges. 

Our Intensive Outpatient Program addresses the physical aspect of one’s being through the experiential/recreational opportunities built into our program.  These activities include but are not limited to Equine Assisted Therapy, yoga, meditational hikes, and T’ai Chi.  Not only do these activities involve exercise, but they are also beneficial for gaining and experiencing sober social skills, communication, and most importantly, discovering the ability to have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Clients utilizing individual counseling services will be encouraged to engage in an active lifestyle and coached on how they can effectively incorporate physical activity into their lives to achieve overall wellness.  Clients are encouraged to pay attention to and begin healing from the physical damage that may have been incurred while struggling with their behavioral and mental health.

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Often, the most difficult part of recovery from substance abuse is leaving behind the culture associated with drugs or alcohol.  For those individuals dealing with co-occurring or individual mental and behavioral health struggles, it may even be the case that self-isolation and social withdrawal have replaced healthy relationships in their lives.

The group format of the In Balance IOP allows clients to reconnect with others in a safe social setting that’s conducive to their recovery. A safe, supportive, and sober environment allows clients to explore recovery with those who can relate.  Many of our participants have reported feeling an unmatched level of care and support from their fellow group members. We also encourage participation in 12-step recovery programs outside of group sessions.

As an individual counseling client, you will be encouraged to assess your relationships with others and guided through healthy ways you can incorporate social support, reengage with your family, friends, and the greater community, and build the relationship needed to successfully navigate challenges.

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Substance abuse, mental health struggles, and negative behavioral adaptations or outputs often result from the desire to numb emotional pain. Frequently, this results in an inability to identify or express emotion in healthy ways.  Both our Intensive Outpatient and Individual Counseling programs focus on helping clients deal with their emotions in healthy and productive ways without turning to mind-altering substances or maladaptive behaviors.

Unresolved feelings surrounding grief and loss, anger management, communication struggles, or any other number of emotions, can be at the heart of emotional blocks. For many, drugs and alcohol served as a numbing agent which placed emotional blocks where healthy emotional and verbal responses should have developed.  For others, emotional blocks can take many shapes and can manifest as unresolved anger, grief and loss, and trauma responses. Our therapists utilize a variety of modalities to help clients work through their emotions and sessions almost always include a variety of psycho-educational activities to help clients process and express emotions. While at In Balance, clients are in a safe and supportive environment where they can expect to be educated on practical tools they can access to obtain healthy emotional regulation.

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No matter your religious background, In Balance Counseling provides a safe space to explore your spirituality—whatever that means for you. This vital element of the human condition is often addressed through the practice of mindfulness and meditation in group therapy or individual counseling services.  By discovering one’s own perspective in relation to a Higher Power, clients are given a space to explore how their beliefs can help (or even hinder) their journey toward recovery or better mental and behavioral health.

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Our Credentials

In Balance Counseling’s Intensive Outpatient Program has been awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. The Gold Seal of Approval® reflects the quality of an organization and its ability and commitment to providing safe and effective care.

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  • "I came to In Balance a year ago after failing four major inpatient treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse going back to 1989. I was so sick that I barely remember coming. In Balance has given me my life back. I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life."

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  • "In Balance has given me a new respect for life. It’s a fun and safe place to be. I experienced many different forms of therapy to keep it interesting. Thank you everyone."

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  • "For me, the diversity of the program was a big plus. The groups were very helpful and supportive. The experiential components were important to learn how to be active in recovery and sobriety."

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