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Equal Opportunity

It is and will continue to be the policy of In Balance that all persons are entitled to quality therapeutic service opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status, as required by city, state and federal law.

In Balance will make all possible provisions for clients with special needs. All entrances to the building, including the restrooms, are wheelchair accessible. An interpreter may be obtained in the event of a hearing-impaired person entering the program.


In Balance is fully committed to protecting clients’ health and medical records as well as their privacy. We want every client to know their rights, choices, and responsibilities regarding their own privacy and we invite you to follow this link to read our privacy policy.

Culture of Recovery

In Balance Intensive Outpatient Program goes to great lengths to build cohesiveness within the group’s culture and in our relationships with our clients.  In Balance clients receiving individual counseling services can expect they will have an honest, responsive, and empathetic relationship with their therapist.

Most clients who come into treatment are often supported by family members who need to understand the disease process and underlying issues beneath the surface of mental and behavioral health struggles.  Family members also often need to understand how they can help their loved ones heal, along with themselves, and In Balance is committed to supporting families also.

Our culture of recovery is foundational in ensuring that all clients feel safe and know they are in an environment where they are supported in sharing openly and honestly in order to achieve their treatment goals.


In Balance Intensive Outpatient Program clients will be randomly drug tested 3 times over the course of their treatment as part of the program. Many clients have reported that this additional level of accountability has been helpful in terms of making choices on a daily basis not to use drugs or alcohol.

The drug testing takes place on premises at the program and tests for the 10 major drugs of abuse. The lab used is Priority One Drug Testing, a federally certified lab. Test results are given to the client and therapist. If a positive result occurs, there will be an individual meeting set up with the client to assess what services might be provided to help better support their recovery. A contract will be drafted requiring the client to stay away from mind-altering substances and continue to agree to the random drug testing that occurs as part of the In Balance experience.

This service can be requested by or required of individual counseling clients if it aligns with their treatment needs and will help ensure they reach their treatment goals.

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Personal Success Stories

In Balance group therapy
  • "I came to In Balance a year ago after failing four major inpatient treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse going back to 1989. I was so sick that I barely remember coming. In Balance has given me my life back. I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life."

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  • "In Balance has given me a new respect for life. It’s a fun and safe place to be. I experienced many different forms of therapy to keep it interesting. Thank you everyone."

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  • "For me, the diversity of the program was a big plus. The groups were very helpful and supportive. The experiential components were important to learn how to be active in recovery and sobriety."

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