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How to Get Someone to Go to Therapy for Their Own Good

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Are you concerned about a loved one’s mental health? You might wonder how to get someone to go to therapy if they don’t want help.

In Balance Counseling provides counseling services in Tucson, AZ. Keep reading to discover how we suggest you approach this difficult conversation. For help, or to learn more, contact us at 520-722-9631.

Prepare for the Discussion

To prepare for the conversation, consider your own boundaries. How much are you willing to share about your own experiences, and how much time and energy can you dedicate toward helping the person?

Find a comfortable and private space to have the conversation, turn off your phones to avoid interruptions, and make sure you schedule plenty of time so you won’t feel rushed.

Whether you’re approaching someone about couples therapy or finding help with an addiction, researching therapists beforehand can help you suggest tangible options.

Use “I” Statements

To help maintain a non-judgemental approach, focus on how you want to help and why you’re worried about the person. Instead of using statements like “you make me feel angry,” use I-focused statements, such as “I feel worried when I see you can’t stop drinking.” 

These statements help a person feel more cared for than attacked, and they’re more likely to listen rather than become defensive.

Choose Good Timing

Choose a time free of distractions such as hunger, their to-do list, or children. After dinner when the children are in bed, but before they get too tired, is an excellent time to schedule this difficult conversation.

Share Personal Experience

If you’re wondering how to get someone to go to therapy, try sharing your own experience. Don’t violate your boundaries, but sharing how therapy can help you is a great tactic for convincing someone else to go. Frame the story in the following way:

  • Any doubts you had before going to therapy
  • What you struggled with, and how it negatively impacted your life
  • What you experienced during the process
  • How has your life better since the treatment

Offer Logistical Help

Sometimes, the biggest thing keeping someone from seeking therapy is all the logistical challenges. If you can offer to help with some of the following, they might be more likely to seek therapy:

  • Researching therapists
  • Transportation
  • Insurance and payment

Don’t Go Too Far

Seeking mental health treatment is a personal decision, and many people bring a complicated combination of skepticism, motivation, financial issues, and other factors to the conversation. While it’s important the person knows you care about them and believe therapy will make their life better, know when to stop the conversation.

Maybe all you can do is plant the seed, or maybe you can fully convince them. But if they start feeling agitated or angry, end the discussion.

Let In Balance Counseling 

Are you still wondering how to get someone to go to therapy? It’s a difficult conversation, but In Balance Counseling can help.

If you or a loved one are seeking therapy, In Balance Counseling offers compassionate and knowledgeable mental health treatment. To book an appointment, call 520-722-9631 today.

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