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How to Overcome Grief the Healthy Way: 4 Tips

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Grief finds us in many different ways. Most people associate it with the death of a loved one, which is certainly true. What many people fail to realize is that all sorts of loss can bring on grief. A relationship ending, job loss, or even financial struggles can all evoke this feeling. 

Even though all sorts of circumstances cause grief, the feelings are similar. You have to learn how to move forward with your “new normal.” It’s easy to develop harmful habits while you learn how to overcome grief, but with a little mindfulness, you can navigate the grieving process while also caring for your own personal well-being.

You don’t have to cope on your own. In Balance Counseling provides compassionate grief counseling services in Tucson to help you on your journey.

1. Take Time to Process

It’s true that every person grieves differently. It’s also true that you can’t begin the grieving process without taking the time to process your trauma. Dissociating as a coping mechanism temporarily relieves the emotional pain, but it does not help you adjust to the circumstances.

Take the time to feel sadness, guilt, confusion, and any other feelings you have surrounding your loss. Once you begin to acknowledge the pain, you can start coping with grief.

2. Make Sure To Eat

When you feel extreme emotions associated with grief, you may not feel like eating at all, much less like maintaining a healthy diet. Keep food on hand that takes little to no effort from you, such as crackers, nuts, and snacks you enjoy that you can reach for to nibble on.

Even if you don’t feel hungry, if you force yourself to eat a little bit, your mind may realize that your body needs nourishment during your grieving process, and you will regain some of your appetite.

Drinking water while you’re in a state of grief is also vital. Crying dehydrates you faster than you may realize. 

3. Don’t Isolate Yourself From Loved Ones

Many people self-isolate while they try to deal with extreme emotions. Instead of avoiding friends and family, lean on them for support. Simply turning to a friend to talk about the situation is a big step in learning how to overcome grief.

If you and your family members are coping with the same type of loss, take the time to check in with each other and talk about the way your lives have changed in the wake of a tragedy. Knowing you aren’t alone can bring a sense of peace as you learn to adjust.

4. Healing Through Talk Therapy

Keep in mind that grief is not linear. You may feel fantastic one day and devastated the next. Whatever you feel is valid, and having a few sad days doesn’t mean you will feel sad forever. If you struggle with learning how to overcome grief, you could suffer from effects of emotional trauma. Seeking support can help you cope with grief. Contact In Balance Counseling in Tucson, AZ, by calling 520-722-9631 to schedule counseling to begin your healing journey.

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