Outpatient Therapy for First Responders
in Tucson, AZ

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse or another issue, outpatient therapy for First Responders in Tucson, AZ can help. Contact In Balance Counseling.

First Responder Intensive Outpatient Program

Because today’s world is extremely hectic, we have to deal with daily pressures. However, first responders have to also deal with the burden of trauma they face every day. These are heroes who may act brave and strong, but at the end of the day, they are people just like everyone else who may find it hard to cope with the traumatic stress they encounter.

Some may turn to substance or alcohol use as a way to escape but soon find themselves feeling trapped, and worse off. If this sounds like you, In Balance Intensive wants you to know you are not alone. Our first responder wellness programs can help you recover from addiction or mental issues blocking your way to living a fulfilling life.

Who Can Benefit From First Responder Therapy Support?

Police Officers

In Balance Intensive is dedicated to providing first responder support to our protectors in blue. You have protected and served your community in ways that some can’t even imagine. That’s why we offer specialized first responder treatment just for you. We can provide you with the support and guidance you need to break free from whatever is holding you back from living a better lifestyle.

Emergency Personnel

Emergency personnel face high-pressure and stressful situations on the job. In Balance Intensive offers emergency professional services to help start you on the right path to recovery. Our clinical staff includes retired and active emergency response personnel who have been where you are and can provide you with feedback and support when needed.


At In Balance Intensive, we recognize the efforts of firefighters who selflessly put their own lives on the line for others in danger. These escapades can really take a toll on you, no matter how strong you are. We know it isn’t always easy to ask for support when you are usually the one to support others, but maybe it’s time to let professionals help you for a change.  


Being in the military means you will potentially be exposed to some traumatic stressors. In Balance Intensive cares about our military personnel and takes pride in helping provide you with the care you need to overcome the issues that burden you. Whether you are on active duty or retired, let us help make life better for you.  


Paramedics must handle psychologically and physically demanding life or death situations each day. This can be very rough since you will see and do things that can affect you emotionally and mentally continuously, which may be difficult to “switch off”. The staff here at In Balance Intensive can provide you with the understanding and attention you need to overcome these personal challenges. 

Corrections Officers

Working as a correction officer can be challenging for anyone and will test your mental and emotional strength. Our experienced staff provides support to address the unique issues corrections officers may face, whether with mental health or substance abuse.

Let Us Help Bring Your Issues to an End

If you or a loved one are a paramedic, firefighter, corrections officer, an EMT, or have another job in law enforcement and are struggling with substance or alcohol abuse, we can help. We have programs geared toward demanding careers like public safety personnel backed by former first responder professionals and expert clinicians in behavioral health. We know the challenges you are facing and can help you get through them with compassionate outpatient therapy for First Responders.

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  • "I came to In Balance a year ago after failing four major inpatient treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse going back to 1989. I was so sick that I barely remember coming. In Balance has given me my life back. I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life."

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  • "In Balance has given me a new respect for life. It’s a fun and safe place to be. I experienced many different forms of therapy to keep it interesting. Thank you everyone."

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