how long is intensive outpatient program

How Long Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

How long is an intensive outpatient program? These programs do not all last the same amount of time. In fact, the recommended amount of time varies from patient to patient, depending upon their unique needs. 

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General Time Frame for Intensive Outpatient Programs

How long is an intensive outpatient program? As we mentioned, an intensive outpatient recovery program does not always last for the same amount of time. However, we can make a few generalizations about the length of these programs. 

Minimum Average Length

In general, intensive outpatient treatment programs last for at least 90 days or three months. However, some patients choose to discontinue their programs before this time. 

Maximum Average Length

Many patients continue with an intensive outpatient program for one or more years. However, patients generally do complete these programs. Therefore, they generally do not represent a lifetime treatment plan. 

What Happens During an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive outpatient programs assist patients who want to pursue addiction treatment. The program also works for those who want help managing a mental illness, providing intensive care for these patients and tools they can use to grow healthier. 

When completing an intensive outpatient program, you do not have to stay in an in-patient treatment center. Instead, you can carry on your normal daily activities while making time for: 

  • Meetings with support groups
  • Appointments with your therapists
  • Discussions with recovery experts 

You start the program by attending daily meetings. Over time, you shift to attending only a few appointments every week. Each appointment may last for up to four hours, depending upon your unique mental healthcare needs. 

The amount of time you spend in the intensive outpatient program depends on your goals and needs. A mental healthcare professional can provide you with more information about these programs. 

Skills Learned in an Intensive Outpatient Program

While you complete an intensive outpatient program, you have the chance to address specific challenges you could face on your road to recovery. Specialists help you focus on strengthening: 

  • Social skills
  • Restructuring your attitudes and thoughts
  • Relapse prevention strategies 

The initial daily appointments help you thoroughly establish the habits that can help you through your recovery. There’s no time expectation or set amount of time pressuring you with this kind of program—you can heal at your own pace. 

Treatment After Intensive Outpatient Care

After completing your intensive outpatient program, you may join a more traditional outpatient program for continued support. These programs meet less frequently but reinforce the strategies you’ve learned. 

Speak to Us About an Intensive Outpatient Program

How long is an intensive outpatient program? The length of these programs can vary based on your unique needs. Allow us to assess your situation and learn more about our other treatment options, including programs for first responders, by reaching out today. 

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